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What you don't know about Katja will surprise you...

Owner of hairdesign by AVANTGARDE, Naples premiere destination for all your beauty needs, Katja Raab was born in Germany AND from very early on, she had a tremendous passion for living her dreams. Not afraid of making a leap of faith, Katja earned her bachelor’s degree in business and finance in Germany where she owned and operated several travel agencies in Berlin.

In 1995, on that leap of faith, she made the move to Naples where she continued to fuel her entrepreneurial spirit. Always fearless, Katja ultimately decided to breathe life into her lifelong passion for beauty by opening hairdesign by AVANTGARDE in 2003. Since then it’s been an amazing ride watching her incredible team build stellar careers and live their dreams.

It has been a true milestone for Katja to treat her guests to an upscale salon and spa experience without the expensive resort-style pricing. Being able to create an environment where such a fine assemblage of amazing artists can come together has been a blessing for her.

Although it can often be a challenging task, Katja has always expressed just how truly rewarding it is to see her team grow, find their voice and achieve the milestones that matter most to them.

For her, it’s been an honor to be a part of this journey and to share in the success of her entire team that is the beating heart of hairdesign by AVANTGARDE.

If there can be any surprise when it comes to Katja, it’s this… she is a champion for her entire family, possesses a heart of gold and when it’s all said and done, she can really throw it down in the kitchen.

Welcome to hairdesign by AVANTGARDE and be sure to say hi to Katja the next time you’re in… she’d love to meet you.

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